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After several months of hard work, my Dystopian vernissage at VESS is only a day away and I can now say, that producing the art for a show is only half the work.

Dear beautiful friends and family who have been very supportive – a big thanks to all of you. And a thanks to you who helped me spread the word on facebook. After VESS put the event online, over 2000 people has been invited and over 200 people has pressed the “attending” botton. This really has exceeded my expectations.

Special thanks goes out to:

Andreas Bergmann who has been my camera- and web wizard and a very patient friend. He’s the guy behind the VIMEO teaser which has reached 700 clicks in two weeks. Check out Andreas’ stuff, he’s a very talented dude.

Mio my Mio, who helped me get a sponsorship, put up 30 posters around Copenhagen and who will bake cute little cup cakes for the second opening day (yes, there will be delicious cake on saturday).

Vitamin Well for donating colorful water and especially Kristine for color coordinating the water supply according to the Dystopia poster.

Sarah, my sugar mama.

Rene from Print1 – great service!

Dad, my frame supplier, wine dealer, coffee equipment pusher and chauffeur.

Tasch for blogging about the exhibition and for supplying a custom made playlist.

Sara from I Do Art, Nick from Bitchslap Magazine and Tobias from From Dortmund for blogging about the exhibition.

Monika, Sasia & Nicolai who will be hosting the “bar”.

And thank you Thomas from VESS. VESS is a nice place with a good vibe, I’ll definitely recommend it to others in the future.

I’ll see you all tomorrow!

120×100 cm, acrylic on canvas – and for my birthday I wish for a decent camera and a studio with proper lighting.

First assignment given on my 3rd semester; build something by multiplying an everyday item.

Me and 3 fellow students decided on using rubber bands as the everyday item and bended the rules a bit by adding more components. We snatched a bike rim from an old abandoned bike at campus and used it as a frame. We added some legs at the iron shop and BAM a coffee table was born.

Thx to my partners in crime: Hannah Appelgren, Nicolaj Sevel and Niklas Nolsoe.

My friend and photographer Kenneth Nguyen did a series of portraits called Mugshots (Check him out, cool dude) – I borrowed some to draw.

This fella is the first to be redone with lead.

Self portrait

It’s my only niece’s birthday tomorrow and for that occasion I made her this small book.

Hopefully when she gets older, my storytelling has grown a bit more complex.

See the whole book by following this link


Self portrait

59 x 42 cm.

pencil on paper